State Troopers Awarded for Their Valiant Spirit

The Louisiana State Police honored the extraordinary efforts of troopers for their dedication, bravely and exceptional work ethic. Every day, troopers perform tasks that exceed the normal scope of their duty and in most cases; they selflessly risk their lives in order to protect the citizenry.

Following incidents such as the Grand Theater shooting that took place on July 23, 2015 in Lafayette and many others, the Louisiana State Police department organized an awards ceremony which was held on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at the Louisiana State Police Training Academy auditorium in Baton Rounge.

The main aim of this ceremony was to recognize the extraordinary accomplishments together with the selfless and heroic acts of law enforcement partners and good Samaritans from across the state.

The Awards presented and the Recipients

There were lots of awards presented on this day and listing all of them may not be possible but below is a snapshot of a few of them.

Medal of Valor

This is an award given to a person who demonstrates selfless service to the extent of putting his own life at risk while he fully knows the dangers involved. For one to be given this award, they must have gone clearly above and beyond the call of duty.

The recipient of this award was TPR Matthew Motes. On July 23, 2015, Matthew responded to the active shooter who was inside the Grand 16 Theater in Lafayette and started assessing the wounded. He went to the extent of plunging fingers into bullet holes so as to control the bleeding of the gunshot victims. Matthew was from Troop 1.

Lifesaving Award

This is an award given to a person for his act in saving or sustaining another person’s life. The two troopers who were awarded are:

  • Sergeant Willie Verret – On February 15, 2015, Verret saved a man from choking at his neighbor’s residence by performing a Heimlich maneuver. He served in Troop C.
  • Lieutenant Jody Blanchard, TPR Jarrod Miles and S/T Keith Redmond – On April 16, 2015, these officers from Troop C arrived at a crash scene where a vehicle was submerged. They were successfully able to locate the driver at the back seat of the vehicle and pulled him out to a medical personnel.

Service Injury Ribbon

This is an award given to an individual who incurred significant injuries while acting within the confines of official duty, through no fault of their own. This category saw TFC Derek Cormier from Troop D who on May 25, 2015 received injuries when an impaired driver disregarded emergency vehicles and knocked the rear of TFC Cormier’s unit as he worked on a crash on I-210. The incident saw Cormier pinned in between the disabled vehicle and his unit.

Uniformed Trooper of the Year

This is an award to an individual who has displayed unusual ability and skill in performing his or her duties whether on or off the job. The only trooper awarded was TFC Joseph Nations from Troop A, who has spent his entire career in Baton Rounge and attained several accomplishments.

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